Sarah McIntyre: how about an HOURLY comic diary?

Author illustrator Sarah McIntyre is best known for co-authoring books like Oliver and the Seawigs and The Legend of Kevin (with Philip Reeve), her recent picture books starring Grumpicorn, AND her enormous hats. out keeping an HOURLY comic diary? Here's what Sarah says :

Draw a comic panel (or series of panels) for every hour you're awake. (It's a bit like being on your own candid camera.) You can either draw exactly what's happening at your house, or you can turn you and/or your family into animals or aliens to make everyday situations more interesting. So you might show yourself making toast. Or you might show yourself as a T-Rex making toast (and succeeding as normal, or possibly failing because T-Rexes aren't very good at making toast). If you don't want to draw your family sitting around watching telly, you might enjoy drawing a family of squids sitting around watching telly.

Here are some examples of hourly comics that Sarah's made in the past. This one has Sarah as actual Sarah (read the whole comic diary here):

This one has Sarah as a dinosaur (read the whole comic diary here):

And here's Sarah's latest book, in case you didn't know: