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Robin Stevens: Diary Most Unladylike

Robin Stevens is the author of the massively popular Murder Most Unladylike series starring Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong. Robin points out that a diary is a great way to keep writing at a time when it's hard to be creative. She says:

If at the moment you're struggling to write fiction, writing a diary is a great way to put words on the page everyday and keep exercising that writing muscle.

What you write in a diary may be the building blocks of a future story!

"Do not worry about filling it with lots of big important things that are happening in the world. Trust that it is important because it is happening to you. Just focus in on how you are feeling and your own perceptions right now. These are extraordinary times to be living in. Every day is extraordinary really but these are particularly extraordinary and historical events ...and they're strange and they're confusing and they're sometimes frightening. It's a good thing to note down how you're feeling. To pay attention for yourself but also for your future self to remember what it was really like to be living right now.'

Watch Robin's Writing a Diary video below:

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