Dom Conlon's Japanese Micro Season Poetry Starter

Dom Conlon is a poet and the author of the gorgeous moon poetry anthology: This Rock, That Rock, illustrated by Vivian Schwarz.

In this Poetry prompt, Dom shows us how to create diary poems inspired by the Japanese Micro Season. Dom says:

Observe every moment. The detail is important. Be as specific as you can.

Our Corona Diary had to look up what the Japanese Microseason is. Here's an explanation:

"Most of the world makes do with 12 months and just four seasons – not Japan. Leaning heavily on the traditional Chinese almanac, the calendar here marks the seasonal cycle of the natural world by allocating a series of evocative names to the different stages of the year. There are 24 major divisions, orsekki, beginning withrisshun(“birth of spring”) in early February, leading us through todaikan(“greater cold”) in late January."