Mo O'Hara: It's okay to feel down

Mo O'Hara is the New York Times bestselling author of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish. Her most recent books are the Dino Classics Picture Books: Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex and The Legend of King Arthuratops. Mo grew up in Pennsylvania but moved to London because she wanted to live abroad but spoke no foreign languages. She worked as an actress and comedy performer before becoming a children's author. She says:

It’s okay to feel down

I’ll just say that again. It’s okay to feel down. Lately, I think we’ve spent so much time trying to busy ourselves and distract ourselves that we maybe haven’t let ourselves feel. Really feel.

And a diary is one way of getting in touch with those honest emotions. Here's more from Mo:

The thing is feelings have a way of rising to the top- even when you don’t want them to. You might feel you have to stay positive for siblings or for your parents or friends but it’s good to have an outlet to express yourself honestly and freely. A diary can be that outlet.
You can tell yourself a cheesy joke on a good day and drip tears on the page on a bad day. And… you know what I’m going to say… that’s Okay. It’s better than okay because you’re letting your feelings out.
Everyone has a different kind of outlet. Physical, musical, visual? Mine is words and poetry. I’m trying to let myself express my feelings in poems during this time. Some are funny and light and others aren’t. And…. you got it… that’s Okay.
Here’s one of mine from a low day. I was thinking about my daughter in her GCSE year.


By Mo O'Hara

There’re so many online lessons

That I just can’t seem to start.

And lots of virtual chat rooms too,

But I want to stay apart.

There are games and there are puzzles

Piled up under the stairs.

And box sets all downloaded

But I just can’t seem to care.

Our normal life and expectations

Are now all put on hold.

And everything like scores and tests

That mattered leave me cold.

I used to live my life so fast

I thought I would combust.

And now those plans and things I worked for

Crumpled into dust.

We’ll have lots of time to learn and make

If this pans out like they say.

So, I’ll spend today alone I think

But maybe you can stay?

Photo by Hilary Jane Everitt