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Katherine Rundell: Write One Sentence a Day

Pick one thing - the most interesting thing - of that day, and write it down.

Katherine Rundell is the author of RooftoppersCartwheeling in ThunderstormsThe Wolf Wilder,The Explorer, and The Good Thieves. She grew up in Zimbabwe, Brussels, and London, and is currently a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.

Katherine never managed to keep a proper diary until a fellow author gave her some a very simple tip.

"I am very bad a keeping a diary. I started dozens in my life, but most of them were half-full notebooks full of doodles and food stains, with the dates getting further and further apart until they tail off entirely.
"But then a writer whose work I love, Frank Cottrell Boyce (author of Millions), told me about a diary form that's easier stick to, and it's been a revelation.
"It's this: you're only allowed to write one sentence a day in your diary. Often I cheat, and the sentences are very long: but my rule is, I have to pick one thing - the most interesting thing - of that day, and write it down.
"It could be something I did, or saw, or thought, or read, or overheard or dreamed or imagined - but it means that at the end of the year, I have 365 interesting sentences.
"If you, like me, struggle to keep it up, it can be a game-changer: little snippets of the world, set down between the pages of a notebook."

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