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Kate Scott: Squiggle Your Way to a Diary

Kate Scott has written many plays, over 25 books and 50 scripts for children's TV (including Chuggington and Big and Small). Kate co-founded Book Pen Pals, which pairs UK authors and illustrators with schools. She says:

Having fun when you’re telling stories helps you become a better storyteller. When we play with ideas, we often stumble on something fresh and new.

Kate's got a suggestion for children who find the idea of keeping a diary daunting: SQUIGGLES.

The whole point of a squiggle story is that it doesn’t look or sound perfect. A squiggle has to be drawn quickly so it can’t be done carefully. It should be messy!
Some of the feelings we are all having right now are messy too. A squiggle story can be one way to put those feelings down on the page. You can use your squiggle story to set down something in your day or to create something fantastical and fun! Click on the image below and download my Squiggle Story resource:

Tell a Squiggle Story by Kate Scott
Your squiggles can be turned into anything you like: a squiggle cat or a monster, an alien, an imaginary creature or even an everyday object.
Tell a story out loud that connects the squiggles together (you don’t have to write it down).
Now go back to the start and see if you can tell the story in a different way.
The diary you create using all the ideas on this site can be the same – your own story told in lots of different ways!

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