Jo Cotterill: Comica Diary

Jo Cotterill has been an actor, a teacher and a fireworks technician, but she likes writing best. She's the author of many critically acclaimed, award winning and much loved books for children.

Jo Cotterill has come up with a really fun idea for creating a diary when you really don't want to!

"I'm not a big fan of writing diaries or poems. In fact, I don't usually write down my feelings at all, unless it's in snippets on social media! Lockdown is a weird time. My brain can only concentrate for short periods, and I feel tired a lot. But it also feels kind of Historic - that Time we will Look Back On and Marvel. So I feel I SHOULD be recording it in some way, and I've now found the way - or, more specifically, the app - to do it."

"It's called "comica" and is available on Android phones (I believe not on iPhones, though I'm sure there are other apps that do the same thing ). You take a photo and then choose a style. I favour "cartoon" and "popart" myself. You can add text in captions and speech/thought bubbles as well as other sound effects and stickers.

I like the fact I can choose one or two pictures a day so it's not too demanding. Here are a handful from my experience so far - which style do you like best?"