Jay Joseph: Make your diary YOURS

J. M. Joseph is the author of Fire Boy, a comedy adventure about friendship, a Top Secret parcel, Inca legends, a circus and a cat named Lemon. Fire Boy will feature in 2020's Summer Reading Challenge celebrating funny books and was published in March. He says:

There are two rules for keeping a diary.

1) A diary is record of events, stories, drawings, thoughts or pictures. Diaries need dates and times.
2) There are no other rules.

It’s YOUR record, so make it YOUR diary. Those diaries you study in school – you know the ones I mean – are moving testimonies. But they are not what your Corona diary needs to look like. Your diary needs to look like…well, you.

If you like to draw, sketch a scene and date it.

If you like photos, write down where you took a picture and why.

If you like to eat, write about your grub. Dad’s ketchup bolognaise? Two stars with a ‘Can do better’ comment. The banoffee pie afterwards? Five and a ‘Let’s see some more of that, please.’ You get the idea.

Each day can be different – a cut-out from a newspaper on Monday; the lyrics of a song you can’t get out of your head on Tuesday.

Worried about your gran falling ill? Write it down.

Annoyed by your older sister? Keep a chart of how she winds you up.

Tell jokes.

Make maps.

Make up a poem about your poodle.

Keep a tally of how long you brother hogs the laptop.

Provide an in-depth analysis on how Mum cheats on Monopoly.

If it matters to you, it’s important.

It’s your diary, friend.

Now make it your own.