Hug A Hospital with Kathryn Evans

Kathryn Evans is the award winning UK YA

author of More of Me and Beauty Sleep.

Hello Diary Makers! Sorry it's been a while, like you, I'm sure, we've all been a bit low struggling through yet another lockdown! When we put out the call for your diaries way back in July we all thought we'd be back to normal and schools would be fully open and we'd be able to celebrate defeating the virus. Sadly that wasn't to be.

Here we are, slogging our way through lockdown number three but, as difficult as it is for all of us, I can't stop thinking about our frontline staff, particularly those working in hospitals. Images of NHS staff sweating in their PPE, all but exhausted, haunt me.

I wanted to find a way to say thank you to them on a personal level, but popping to my local hospital to give random medics a hug is frowned upon at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a pandemic. I needed a more viable option. Happily, and I came across Hug A Hospital who've started an amazing campaign to send morale boosting cards to hospitals across the country!

Hug in a Card is so easy to get involved in - whatever your age or ability. Following the instructions below, make a card and send it to Emma at Hug A Hospital HQ - she'll make sure it gets to a hospital in need of a hug!

How to get involved

  • Ideal card size - 6x4”/10x15cm

  • Your own handmade illustration on the front

  • Personal message of thanks inside plus your name (& age, if a child)

  • Place card inside plain envelope

  • Do not address or seal

  • Place card and envelope inside another envelope and send to:

Hug A Hospital PO Box 119 Haslemere GU27 9HG

Individuals, schools, book groups, libraries can all get involved there's a poster here you can print.

Here's a video of my card making - I am 100% sure you can do better!

Please follow @hugahospital on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share their posts - the wider their reach, the more cards to hospitals - and if you're an illustrator, writer, actor, musician - please join in - how much could you brighten someones say if they get a card from YOU?

Let's show our amazing NHS some love and help get us all over the line with this pandemic!