Frank Cottrell Boyce: A diary helps you notice things

Frank Cottrell Boyce won the Carnegie Medal for his first novel Millions, which was also made into a movie. An award winning screenwriter (Hilary and Jackie, The Railway Man), he wrote the script for the wonderful Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2012. Frank's latest novel is Brocolli Boy. He is currently running creative writing lessons on Instagram. Frank says:

Whatever you want to be, whether you want to be a writer, a dancer, a footballer... you will do it better if you learn to notice things. And you will be happier. A diary helps you notice things.

"Use your eyes, your ears, your memory, to write something down that you're going to love reading in 50 years time when you are old like me. You are living in an extraordinary moment. All the shops are closed. Britain is quieter than it's ever been. We're all a bit worried about the pandemic. So everything that happens is really, really interesting." Watch the video on Instagram here

Photo by Christopher Rieger