Candy Gourlay's Comic Diaries

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Don't worry about mistakes. Draw loose. Let your feelings show.

Candy Gourlay is the author of Bone Talk which was shortlisted for the Costa Prize, the Carnegie and the Waterstones Prize. Candy loves drawing and though she does not keep a regular diary, she will often note down events by drawing comics about them. She says:

Because I'm just trying remember a moment, I try to draw my comic entry as quickly as possible, not worrying about how well I've drawn the picture.
It's not about precisely drawing what the place looked like but capturing how the moment felt. You want your drawings to feel really fresh, like all of your feelings are in your drawing.
Don't worry too much about how it looks. Use speech bubbles, labels, woosh lines, stars, emojis, anything that captures the quality of the event.

View Candy's video comic diaries on her Instagram channel