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BB Taylor: Make a Scrapbook Diary

BB Taylor is the author of The Vigilante Tooth Fairy, about a time when children have stopped believing in magic and no longer leave their teeth out for the fairies until Mouth, a tiny tooth fairy decides to take action. There are so many different ways to do a diary. BB shows us her scrapbook diary. She says:

There's lots of gluing and sticking and being creative. So it gives me a chance to reflect back on what I've been doing throughout the day while doing something fun.

Scrap book diaries are a great and creative way to keep a diary, there are no specific rules on what you must include and how you present, it is completely up to you! Words, pictures, a mix of the two? It is yours to create as you wish!  Here are BB's top tips for keeping a scrap book diary:

•You can make them out of anything, a note book a folder, even scraps of paper!
•You can record daily or even weekly to reflect on your experiences, put dates on each one so you can look back on your journey.
•Cut things out and stick them in if you want to... photos, drawings doodles make it as expressive as you want
•Mix and match writing and imagery to show how you are feeling and what you have been up to. It could be as simple as the weather or something new you’ve learned.
•Set goals, think of things you might like to learn or practice, goals can sometimes motivate us with something to work towards and you can always add to them or change them as you go! 
•Have fun with it and enjoy creating history to reflect back on! 

The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by BB Taylor
The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by BB Taylor

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