Harriet Goodwin: Nothing is Boring or Off Limits!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Harriet Goodwin lives in the middle of nowhere but once in a while she gets to dress up in lovely long dresses and sing concerts in big halls and churches and cathedrals. She is the author of The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43, which was shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award.

Here are Harriet's tips for diary keepers:

Find an unused notebook and make it “yours”. You could cover it in paper and decorate it with favourite quotes, pictures of your family and friends, doodles etc
• Get into a routine, so that you write at least something in it every day. Maybe your special diary-writing time is just before your evening meal, or last thing at night. Personally, I find it easier to record the little details of the day if I write them down on the day itself, rather than trying to remember them the following morning.
• Sounds obvious but remember to put the day and date at the top of each entry. If it’s a special day (someone’s birthday etc), add that as well.
• Don’t worry if you can only manage a line or two some days. There will be times when you want to write and write and write…and others when you feel like there isn’t much to say. That’s fine!
• Sometimes it’s fun to add lists, for example “Ten things I really miss about ordinary life” or “Five positive things that have come out of this time for me”.
• Include funny things people have said. You might need to note them down as soon as they’ve been said.
• You might want to consider allowing someone else to do a “guest entry”. Not too many, though: this is your diary!
• Write from your heart. Write as if no one but you will ever read it.
Nothing is boring or off-limits. One day you will read back over your diary and draw huge pleasure from it.
• Include sketches and doodles.

Enjoy it!

Book Cover Harriet Goodwin
Short listed for the Blue Peter Book Award!

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