Anne Stairmand's Mix-It-Up Diary

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Anne has had an extensive career in education and has been writing for children since 2012. She was writer-in-residence for Dagenham and Barkenham libraries.

She loves travelling and makes silver and pearl jewellery when she has the time.

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Make a recipe of home-schooling!

Here's an idea to do with your children. Make a recipe of everything going on in your day. Here’s an example:

1 happy mummy
3 naughty children
1000 coloured pencils
1 dog
24 packets of crisps
1 hour of rain
6 muddy wellies
1 sunshine
Hundreds and thousands
Six cream cakes
Sprinkled star dust.
Mix 1000 pencils into a pan. Add 24 bags of crisps, stir in slowly 1 hour of rain, 3 naughty
Children and 6 muddy wellies.
Once thick and gooey, add 6 cream cakes and whip until frothy!
Put into a large bowl and slowly add a mum or dad.
Serve on bed of sunshine mixed with star dust.
Sprinkle hundreds and thousands.
Serve and eat with the dog!!

What would go into your recipe?