Alice James: An Unworry Diary

The Unworry Book, by Alice James and illustrated by Stephen Moncrieff is full of practical ideas to help deal with difficult emotions.

From learning about the science of stress:

To finding a way of explaining how you feel:

To understanding what we can control and what we can't:

And, of course, a diary to help deal with it all.

Huge thanks to the lovely people at Usborne Children's Books for letting us share these pages. The Unworry Book is available from them directly or from any good bookshop able to trade online.

If you or a member of your family are really struggling with fears and worries, there are lots of links to help and some wise words from our own Dr. Alex right here.

The Unworry Book, by Alice James, illustrated by Stephen Moncrieff © Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2019