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how to

   join in


​Easy! They...

  1. Keep a diary: Write it, draw it, sketch it, paint it, knit it, model it, film it, record it, sing it - whatever, however, just date it and save it.

  2. Plunder the creative ideas authors & illustrators have shared with us - find the right age group up top.

  3. Get inspired by our weekly themes:

 #SchoolLockdown  #LetHopeShine, #HelloHobby #Friends

  #LockdownCooking #SomethingNew #UpsAndDowns

 #GameTime #InTouch and our final theme is....


adults can Help By...
  1. Joining us on Instagram  @ourcoronadiarygram where we'll post the weekly themes and prompts. Children can't share with us from private accounts but adults can on their behalf by tagging us  #ourcoronadiary. 

  2. Following us on Twitter  @OurCoronaDiary

  3. Submitting young people's diaries for the online archive when we send the invitations out.

  4. Signing up to our mailing list to receive important updates.



To help our young diarists, we have recruited authors and illustrators from all over, to provide prompts, ideas, resources and inspiration. You will find these resources on the three sections of the website devoted to each age group:


HOW Else can ADULTS Help?

Teachers, parents and carers will be crucial to the success of the project! You can:

  • Encourage children to participate

  • Provide children with the materials to keep a diary.

  • Keep a diary yourself. There is nothing more inspiring (and sometimes competitive) than seeing a parent or carer join in 

  • Share, tweet, encourage and inspire - we can’t make this happen without you.



It is important to acknowledge that this is not just a fun opportunity to keep your child busy. These are very difficult times and whilst the diary might be a good outlet for pent up frustrations, it is important to be vigilant and mindful of our young diarists’ mental health. We have asked Dr. Alexandra Blackman to explore how we can support our young writers and have created a page of resources on mental health.


For your child’s safety, we will never communicate with young participants directly or by private messaging, or collect their emails. Please safeguard your child by making sure they never share their email addresses with us. If your child would like to contact us, they can do so via the public comments on Instagram. If your child wants to share something on Instagram with the hashtag of the week or #OurCoronaDiary please do it from your own account as private accounts are not visible to other people and, obviously, do not share private details of the child. We suggest using initials and age, such as AF14. If you, their parent or carer, would like to be in touch, you can contact us via the form on our contact page.